Companies spends millions of dollars on training employees annually. This cost goes into training payroll, facilities, equipment, learning tools and training hours where a typical employee spends an average 47 hours in training per year. It sure sounds like a way of investing on your people development right but problem is 90% of what was learned in training is forgotten after year and only about 15% of employees get to successfully apply what they learn. With time and attention being the new currencies and with millennials overtaking total employee population, it’s time to come up with innovative strategies retain learning and accelerate the time of proficiency. This is where Micro-Learning comes in

Micro-Learning focuses on one learning objective delivering a digestible amount of information that can be immediately applied at the time of need. These brief training modules can be taken at an incremental pace and can be taken one at a time for in bursts because learning is delivered just in time not in just case. Micro-Learning can improve employee performance by as much as 62% while cutting down hundred training hours.

Time to make life better one lesson at a time.

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