Automation – All About Speed and Impact

Simple Design

Use drag-and-drop design to build your app then deploy to any device.

Intuitive Experience

Bring business and IT together to collaborate and deliver the right app.

Automated Work

Orchestrate processes across people, robots and machines.

Unified Data

View disparate data in a single screen and take action no matter where it’s stored.

Worry-Free Deployment

Get the most secure, reliable and scalable cloud platform for the enterprise.

Future-Proof Applications

When times change your applications will keep up automatically.

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Intelligent Automation

The future of how business gets done – is now. In the age of digital disruption, intelligent automation is shaking up how business gets done.

Organizations that do the best job of combining artificial intelligence with automation will come out on top.

Intelligent automation combines the speed and power of BPM, machine learning, and RPA with low-code development to crush your business goals, optimize customer experience, and set you apart from the rest of the pack.

Artificial Intelligence

Boost your business outcomes by making your applications smarter.

Powerful, Yet Simple
Get results right now by using pre-trained machine learning models or your own to deliver predictions, inferences, and context to provide insights.

Easy, Extensible
Start simple and scale quickly with Cyber Cerebs’ built-in AI or services from technology partners Google Cloud, Amazon AWS, and Microsoft Azure.

Immediate Business Impact
With us, AI services are just a few clicks away to optimize the customer journey, streamline customer onboarding, speed time to revenue, an grow.


Unite and maximize the value of your existing enterprise data, systems and web services without coding.

Easily Connect

Pre-built connectors and support for industry standards such as REST, SOAP and OpenAPI allow for data from multiple systems to be easily connected.

Leverage Your Investment

Cyber Cerebs helps you get the most ROI out of your systems, data repositories, modern and legacy using simple, no code tools.

Low-Code Integration

Design Building bridges across your systems and data happen fast and problem free with the visual Cyber Cerebs Integration Designer.